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Welcome to TSVH University

We are pleased to offer our valued employees access to online education. Tennessee State Veterans Homes recognizes your commitment to your profession and hopes this benefit enhances your experience. Your access to learning with TSVH University is just an internet connection.

Our Basic Mission Statement

TSVH University Our mission is to provide appropriate services to those who have served the United States of America and to their family members who have also made sacrifices for our country.

Our goal is to provide them with health care by delivering quality and compassionate care in an environment which is pleasant and enjoyable; to provide a safe, warm and happy home for our veterans. A place where they can feel secure. To treat our veterans with the dignity and respect they deserve.

In order to further these goals, TSVH offers training courses for our staff that are specifically geared toward the needs of LTC residents. At the same time, TSVH is providing our staff with the opportunity to meet their annual C.E.U?s requirements necessary to maintain their licensing and credentialing status at no cost to our employees.

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